The Rose of the Loire

Rose de Loire 2016, 12.5%, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grolleau

Light salmon colour. Fresh strawberries, raspberries, medium acidity and lots of red berries note on the palate. 

Rose Chinon, 2016. 12.5%. 100% Cabernet Franc. 

Very refreshing on the nose, lighter strawberry aroma.  Really clean on the palate. Short finish but nice and simple. A lovely summer salad wine on the terrace.

Saumur 2016. 100% Cabernet Franc. 

Light salmon. Ripe strawberry nose. Very elegant and delicate on the palate with refreshing lingering fresh red berries finish.

Touraine 2016 12.5%. Part of Terra Vitis.

Dark pink. Ripe raspberries with hint of leafy note. Round on the palate. 

Cabernet D’Anjou, 2016. 11.5%, demi-sec

Very good balance of the sweetness, acidity and fruit. Ripe juicy strawberry note lingering on the finish. VG.

IGP Val de Loire Rose, Grolleau. 12%

Dry, light, simple, fresh red berries. 

Egiodola is a crossing between Fer Servadou and Arbouriou,  means ‘pure blood’ in Basque.

No one really know what it is until I asked Google. On the nose, not very distinct some subtle red berries. On the palate, it has medium bodied and some darker berry notes. 

Val de Loire, IGP. 11.5%

Very weird choice of green bottle. But the wine is quite refreshing and delicious with lots of red berries fruit intensity. 

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